Public administrator Job Description
Public administrator Job Description

Public administrator Job Description involves people working for the public sector, responsible for executing state, federal and local affairs of government. Public administrator job description oversees local agencies as well and none governmental organization. Public administration has nothing to do with profit making motive. Public administration’s biggest motive is provision of service to the public, compared with public sector with focus on making money. To expand its scope, public administration has adopted public management while trying to maintain aspect of ethics and efficiency. Contributors to the study, such as Woodrow Wilson placed emphasis on need for distinction between administration and politics.

Administrators direct the efforts of public employees to manage operations for governmental agencies, public sector organizations and nonprofits. Search has increased in few months due to the increase in demand for the particular job. Today public administrators have been ranked among the most highly paid individuals in most countries.

What is the role of the public administrator?

Public administrations deals with almost every aspect of the economy from law making, regulations, policy and civil rights including protection of citizens. Public administration is different with management, its involved in government research, local town planning, environmental impact assessment EIS and creation of programs to mitigate risks.

Examples of public administrators include healthy workers, university lecturers and government school teachers. Public administrations is a very good career and can be highly rewarding. After completing your degree course you can find yourself working even a special policy advisor to the US president. Other jobs for public administrators include city managers, town clerks, and evaluators also project managers.

Skills needed to be a good public administrator

Its very important for public administrator to have the following skills which include typing, good communication skills, basic computing, book keeping, written and oral skills, paper work managing, handling of equipment, respect for people, respect for human rights, must not be corrupt, customer client service, and personal motivation.

Public administration job examples

Public administration job examples include: social and political activist. For the private sector they work as business administrator. Government adviser, human resource specialist, project coordinator, executive assistant, foreign correspondent, defense administrator, doctors, lecturers and policy makers, including public relations manager.

Top 10 Public administrator duties /jobs

  1. Policy making and implementation
  2. Government advisor
  3. Policy recommendations, planning and research on good governing principles.
  4. Creating programs that fall within the governments stipulated expenditure.
  5. Provision of checks and balance to ensure government follows law in governing citizens.
  6. Law making through the constitutional court
  7. Evaluation of special programs
  8. Communicating effective programs to employees, government and relevant stakeholders
  9. Protecting citizens
  10. Risk management and disaster quick response incase of flood, or accidents, war, hunger, famine and disease outbreak by providing health services to people.

Learn more about the importance of public administration. Role and importance of public administration involves ensuring massive economic growth, social development, management, service provision to people and building of infrastructure.