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    What Is Human Development?

    Human Development

    What Is Human Development? Human development is branch of study in economics. Its a theory that integrates the social, political and economic approach in social science. Measures individual wealth as apposed to economic development...
    Difference between Public Administration and Management

    Public Administration vs Management: What is the difference?

    In most sectors of our economy two words are commonly mentioned and these can sometimes lead to getting confused. Public Administration and Management closely related but don't mean the same thing. According to...
    Courses offered at levy Mwanawasa University

    Courses offered at levy Mwanawasa University

    Levy Mwanawasa University is a School of medicine and Clinical Sciences which offers the following courses and programs. The Levy Mwanawasa Medical University is nationally recognized, registered under ministry of general education, and Zambia's...
    definition of new public management

    New Public Management

    New public management is a paradigm shift from the traditional model of public administration to new model of administration. Proposes need of government based organizations to operate through on an entrepreneurial business based model....
    What is Public Choice Theory in Public Administration

    Public choice theory

    What is public choice theory in public administration. Public choice theory can be traced from economics school of thought. It is used to applying microeconomics on political and social areas in society. Was introduced...

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