Role of Human Resource Management
Role of Human Resource Management

Human resource management has been an important field for both Administration and management. Role of human resource management in an organization and the core functions of human resource management can not be ignore. Human resource management requires viewing people as means to archiving the desired outcomes and resource for any organization. Having a powerful talented stuff, strategic workforce and people significantly adds value to any organization or business.

5 Roles of Human Resource Management in an Organization

Human resource managers make sound decisions, evaluation, communicate and control. Other functions include management and administration, importantly control of information within an organization. Therefore role of human resource management in an organization can also be noticed from formulation of a strategic plan to implementation and evaluation.

1.Formulating strategic Plans

Formulating strategic plan requires the contribution of people that play important role of human resource management in an organization. These can be project managers, strategists or stakeholders. Human resource managers have a role in strategy formulation. Companies need strategic plans to manage daily activities and attain competitive advantage. Through Swot analysis and change management, Human resource managers evaluate the environment atmosphere of the organization. They work with management tools including Delphi technique to estimate demand and market forces, including competition. Managers understand perspectives of change management to come up with good strategic plans. Human resource managers, mostly calculative, take time time to implement strategies.

2. Training of employees

Training of employees by Human resource managers has been one of the oldest roles they play in an organization. Through training and development programs, senior employees and managers, teach line managers certain things in management. this can be to improve skills of certain people or generate more sales for the business. Knowledge is power hence Human resources considers professional people with certain skills very important despite role they play in an organization.

3. Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution within the organization and dispute management among employees gets management by Human resource managers. Since each manager might be in charge of management department and through function structures, employees are constantly monitored by top managers. These top managers do not only ensure work targets are been met but also to ensure work relations among employees are healthy and good.

4. Payroll Preparation

Payroll gets calculated by Human resource managers sometimes depending on size of the organization. It refers to how much an employee receives after certain deductions and gross salary has been determined. In most countries role of human resource management in an organization is to calculate payroll. Its very important that this important task is properly done by Human resource department that calculate number of days one worked and accounting for approval of funds towards the services of the employee.

5. Compensation And Benefits

Human resource managers ensure compensation and benefits towards an employee who’s been injured or retires from working. Compensations might come in form of cover for one who’s worked and was ill or gets injured during work in progress. Benefits refer to any package mostly lump some one expects to receive after stopping work. Benefits get paid to employees in addition to salary and common types include; medical, disability, life insurance and retirement benefits package.

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