similarities between organization and management
similarities between organization and management

What’s really the relationship between management and organization? We will learn more in detail about management, an organization and relationship between these two principles and role in leadership. You will learn in-depth about similarities between organization and management.

Organization refers to an entity, company or business that comprises of a group of people working together for a common goal. Management, refers to process of managing interrelated affairs of the business or organization through planning, organizing, leadership and control.

Similarities Between Organization And Management

Management and an organization have more similarities and play in important role in the day to day activities of any business. These also important to role of Human resource management. Below are similarities between organization and management, don’t also miss learning about administration Vs management and know there similarity and differences, roles and significance to any organization.


The word organization was derived from a Greek word “Organon”, which means “Organ”. Any organization consists of people with basic goal towards the organization for a purpose it exists. An organization has several departments, including Human resource, public Administration and people work on strategizing these function to maintain competitive advantage through administration. Government departments and none-governmental organizations like the United Nations (UN) and and World Bank are examples of major organizations. Others include International monetary fund IMF and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

  • Types of organizations

There’s two types of organizations, legal and illegal organizations. These have been in charge of performing functions and upholding responsibility connected to the goals and organizational purpose. Legal organizations are government and schools, universities,etc with no intent for profit making. Illegal organizations are more restrictive, this includes interest groups for riots, criminal group’s and terrorist movements.

  • Characteristics of an organization
  1. Organizations have a common distinctive function and goal.
  2. Comprises of people
  3. Organizations have a structure [system to carry out uniform functions and responsibilities]
  4. Bureaucratic in nature


The word management comes from an Italian word “Maneggiare”, which means to handle or control especially tools. According to the oxford dictionary, its a process of controlling things or people. Renown scholar Henry Fayol, man behind the development of popular general theories of business and administration, defines “management” as a method that organizations apply during forecasting, planning, organizing, coordinating, commanding and controlling.

  • Levels of management

Management in most organizations has been divided into 3 levels. Top level, middle level and lower level management. At top level managements, comprises of people in charge of the overall managing of the organizations. These include presidents of the organizations, chef executive offices and board of directors. Middle level of the organization you find managers. Low level of management consist of branch and departments supervisors, including foreman.

  • Characteristics of management
  1. Managers are leaders of the organization
  2. Mangers are people with shared common goals in an organization
  3. Most managers do work in organizations
  4. Mangers are in change of managerial functions of any organization

Relationship Between Organization And Management

  • Managers run and control organizations
  • Without management there can be no chain of command within the organization
  • Management strengthens the internal structure of the organization
  • For decentralized organizations, management is needed and important
  • Order within an organization is made possible through management
  • Management rings about organization of functions in the organization
  • Organizing requires management skills
  • Management is a backbone for organizing process within an organization
  • An organizational structure requires management
  • Linking management and organization are very important to the success of any business
  • Mangers design and build organizations
  • Different levels of managers participate in organizational processes
  • Upper management creates organizational architecture
  • Management builds relationships among employees in the organization
  • Managers are drivers and the organization acts like a car
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