Similarities Between Management And Leadership
Similarities Between Management And Leadership

Managers and leaders have similarities and differences. This can be seen through the roles each individual plays in an organization, business integration, project planning, human resource, and allocation of duties. Despite noticeable Similarities between management and leadership. You must always remember, just like when comparing administration and management. (Read differences between leadership and management). After this, you will know that any good manager can be a leader, but not all leaders have management skills and characteristics.

Similarities Between Management And Leadership

Both these positions are very important and sometimes managers can assume leaders’ roles, and vice versa. People need managers to execute day-to-day activities and leaders to take on the risks and build senior employees. The fact remains, in management leaders can become managers, of course with more education but any manager is assumed to have leadership traits.


  • Managers and leaders both have a primary focus on improving the organization
  • They set the companies strategies and future needs
  • Both managers and leaders communicate policies and changes within the organization
  • They can both unlock the true potential of junior employees
  • Managers and leaders act as role models to any institution or company
  • Position for managers requires education and skill same with leadership in some cases
  • Both get involved in the day to day activities of the organization


  • The duty of leaders is to mainly inspire and motivate
  • Managers plan, organize, coordinate, monitor, and implement
  • Leaders are goal-focused and ignore the small important pieces of the organization
  • Managers focus throughout the process while considering every smaller element as important
  • A leader mostly just commands results
  • Managers act as general overseers of any project, engaged daily
  • Leaders are mostly innovative to break the status quo
  • Managers work on what’s available with the intent to make it better
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