What is the Importance of Studying Public Administration?
What is the Importance of Studying Public Administration?

What is the Importance of Studying Public Administration? Public Administration is filed of study from the school of social sciences. It was defined by Woodrow Wilson been one that deals with the implementation of public policies by the pubic servants. Its also an important academic discipline with many types, that deals with training and preparing students for working in public bureaucratic institutions. Scroll below to learn about What is the Importance of Public Administration and Importance of public administration to students.

10 Roles and importance of public administration

  • 1. Implementing policies
  • 2. Protecting People
  • 3. Cost Effective
  • 4. Equal Distribution Of Resources
  • 5. Government Budgeting
  • 6. Helps to Measure Development
  • 7. Leadership And Management
  • 8. Resource provision
  • 9. Determination of correct procedures
  • 10. Politics Dichotomy

So what is the Importance of Studying Public Administration? According to Khan (2013) he defined major functions which fall under the scope of public administration as why its important as an academic study. He defined functions of public administration been of appropriate importance, such as human resources, human development, advocating for people’s rights, safety, security, and enhancing development through public private sector partnerships. Woodrow Wilson, stated public administration contributes to society, democracy, government sectors administration, and policy making. Hence why it has a lot of generic functions, and considered one of the most important form of administration today, in developing., developed and modern state.

Importance of Public Administration Today

1. Implementing policies

Public administration helps workers in government to effectively implement and monitor government policies. Through public administration, despite it been a mode of study, students are introduced to different management skills. Its a measure of effective policy implementation and provides politics dichotomy between the elected officials and public servants. Public administrators perform risk assessments on behalf of government, mitigate risk on certain projects.

2. Protecting People

Public administration has been an important element that distinguishes, private from public. It does not involve profit making, hence people from different parts of the economy. Rich, poor and middle class benefit from free services, rendered from health, security, development, counseling and management duties. Passport issuance, driving license and immigration task forces are run by the public sector in most countries. Hence these can be critical departments that need special care, and efficiency to give equal satisfactions to the general public.

3. Cost Effective

Before implementation of government policies, one the most important aspect is analyzing the cost and its effectiveness. Public administrators, uphold that responsibility. Through surveys and enquirers, administrators learn the basic needs. Its different from public management, in terms of importance and how effective that’s going to serve the people. Compared to the private sector, mostly polices formulated, depend on profit making, with less regard to the needs of people. one of the most Importance of Public Administration to take from this is that it reduces over spending and correlates cost with needs of people.

4. Equal Distribution Of Resources

Another element of Importance of Public Administration involves its ability to ensure through the implementation of polices, there is equal access and distribution of resources to the people. Remember public administrators, serve the people, and community.

Scholars have noted the Importance of Public Administration is of great decree, especially during disaster and wars,also in the case of an outbreak such as corona virus. These things make it to stand out compared to other fields such as economics, which only measure aggregate development based on factors such as income, GDP and GNI.

5. Government Budgeting

Importance of Public Administration includes its retain ability to ensure money circulate through the public. Instead of going to the private sector for access to money, most institutions run by government through the field of public administration have shown Importance of Public Administration to be that of helping government have its own access top money.

For instance most banks operating in most developing countries have been linked with government through public private partnerships and both parties benefit.

6. Helps to Measure Development

Another Importance of Public Administration is that its acts as a measure of sustainable development. Helps government collect data on the needed requirements and problems people face on daily basis. In African developing and other poor countries, number public institutions determine levels of development towards improving people’s lives.

Through public administration development and economic growth, policies, get circulated including to remote areas. Its a more reason most public institutions have been decentralized. These bureaucratic organizations have a vital role of delivering and measurement tool, that considers the response from public which is then added to long and short term goals.

7. Leadership And Management

Leadership and management shows the importance of Public Administration. Most public institutions have been transition from old form of administration to public administration paradigm shift called public management (NPM). You can learn more (Importance of new public management). To conclude What is the importance of studying public Administration?

Leaders need to be administrator, hence its of great importance for Public Administration in improving management skills and responsibilities of leaders, especially those holding public offices. Therefore its due to its intertwined responsibilities between management and administration, Public administration introduces new ways of doing things in Management And Leadership. So combining leadership and management. Training employees, to be equipped with professional traits adopted from new public management.

8. Resource provision

Among general functions of public administration, one that can not be ignored is the provision of resources and utilization. Public administrators help in the act of providing food, incase of hunger or famine to people in need, etc. They are in charge of preparations, forecasting and planning towards provision beforehand to ensure necessities, get properly utilized.

9. Determination of correct procedures

Public administration is responsible for Determination of proper process, ensures positive exemplary behavior that does not promote nepotism, favoritism, violation of human rights and discrimination. Determination of correct procedure, occurs during goal attainment and delivery of services to reduce corruptive practices and bring behavior that helps to motivate good behavior help society and government achieve its goals.

10. Politics Dichotomy

President Woodrow Wilson improved internal capabilities of government bureaucratic organizations. He’s regarded father of public administration for laying this strong importance of public administration, and its foundation which helped separate politics and administration. Noted administrators should not be confused with duties coming from politicians by proposing theory known as, ‘politics dichotomy’.

Meaning and Importance of Public administration as a discipline (Summery)

Public Administration newly emerged as an important discipline with great emphasis on administration management, compared with other studies in Social Science. Since then it has continued to play a major role in the affairs of bureaucracy, politics, social welfare, law and order, including Administrative state. Public administration is a state machinery tool that contributes massively in politics and matters of the state. (Read more about Public administration functions)

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