study computer science without math's
study computer science without math's

The biggest question I kept asking was can I study computer science without Math’s? Mathematics is an important basic requirement for computer science but not for programming in general. Hence there so many options one can go for if your interest is just to be a programmer, web administrator or software developer. ‘No’ you can not study computer science without math’s. But some Universities allow only studying components of computer science and short courses in programming, software or web development.

There so many subjects and components that make computer science from web designing, development using modern high level languages such as HTML, JavaScript which you can learn in months and become a web developer. Other low levels you can learn on your own if denied to study computer science without math’s is Java and PHP.

There’s so much you can do, making money as freelancer while working in the public sector or probably just making money online. Basic computing is part of computer science, cyber security and networking or CISCO technologies which I have seen people make money after not been allowed to study computer science without math’s.

Mathematics is very important to come with logical thinking while working as a programmer and developing an algorithm. These are things which need more thinking and sometimes some basic calculations. Coding is exciting but mostly there is more to ensuing it does what is intended, hence from declaring variables, concatenating to projecting results theses are calculations a computer works on after understanding binary numbers and converting to human language.

Below is JavaScript program example written by a self taught programmer without a degree in computer science. It outputs an answer to the question if you need math to study computer science.

Hopefully this code shows why computer science considers math very important prerequisite and reasons one can not study computer science without math’s. But you can still learn programming languages of your choice on your own or go for public administration which needs no math. You can do whatever you want with concepts of computer science and technologies. After learning it becomes easy making mobile apps, web apps, desktop or IPhone apps.

var question = 'Can I study computer science without math/'s?'; 
var answer = ' No computer science is a subset of mathematics';
let peopleAsk = question;
if (peopleAsk === question){
console.log(answer + ' hope this answers your question which was ');

Answer Summery: No you can not study Computer science without Math’s. Math is really necessary for computer science, but you can manage doing computer science even if you’re bad at math, because some states counts it as math credit . Logic is what works most of the times and not calculations or statistics when developing software. Can also apply to study short courses in programming, software or web development without math’s.

Hope this article answers your question?