Stellenbosch Univeristy fees
Stellenbosch Univeristy fees

Stellenbosch University is a university that is both rooted in Africa but also has a global reach. The university has transformed itself into one of the best South African higher education institutions over the past century and it has set its sight on being a world-class African university that is to be recognized for being innovative. This article discusses everything you may need to know about Stellenbosch Univeristy fees and Stellenbosch University tuition fees.

SU’s mission is to be a research-intensive university that attracts top students, and its talented staff and creates a world-class atmosphere. It is a place that connects with the world and enriches and transforms local, continental, and global communities. The values of the University; excellence, compassion, equity and accountability, respect, and honesty, are the beliefs and attitudes that govern the institution’s social standing. These values are all equally important and interconnected and they are essential when it comes to informing SU’s ethical code.

Stellenbosch Univeristy fees and Stellenbosch University tuition fees.

Stellenbosch University has ten faculties across its five campuses. It has a student population of more than 32 000 undergraduate and graduate students among which, more than 4 000 are international students coming from within the continent of Africa as well as other parts of the world. Further, there are over 3300 full-time employees and about 350 postdoctoral fellows at the university.

In the year 2018, the university launched “Vision 2040” which is a strategic framework designed to drive Stellenbosch University on a path to success. The vision aims to transform student experiences, foster purposeful partnerships, and inclusive networks, promote networked teaching and learning, and position SU to be an employer of choice.

Stellenbosch University‚Äôs roots date back to 1866. It is one of South Africa’s oldest universities. The University is renowned for its quality research and teaching, which has been a hallmark of the institution’s century-old history.

Stellenbosch University fees 2022

The University offers Semester-in-Stellenbosch programs (Exchange; Study Abroad), as well as a Summer School, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in English. The University of Stellenbosch is a fully accredited university that has 10 faculties. These include Arts, economics, Management Sciences, Education, and Science. There are more than 22 000 students, of which over one-third are postgraduate. Since 1993, the number of international students at the University has increased significantly to more than 1900 students from over 70 countries.

Stellenbosch University is a research-intensive university that has a long history in applied and pure research in a wide range of disciplines. It is a leader in applied and basic research and has established a benchmark for excellence in research through partnerships with industry and government.


All students who are allocated a university place must pay R15,400 in full. You must signify your acceptance of the allotted place by paying an acceptance fee (the mandatory first installment of accommodation fees) within the previous year. Additionally, you agree to the terms by paying the acceptance fee.

Next, you will be sent a notice in accommodation when you first get allocated space in university accommodation. This compulsory first installment for accommodation fees and the compulsory second installment for study fees can be paid together.

Deposit For Meal Packages System

Your details will be provided if you are placed in a residence at Stellenbosch Campus that does provide meals.

Your student fees account can only allow you to load a maximum of R26,900 in meal allowances. You can’t make a meal you haven’t booked. Except where stated, accommodation fees do not include meals.

Cost to study in Stellenbosch

Tuition Fees

How much does it cost to study in Stellenbosch? The average tuition fees at Stellenbosch University are R53,000. This is how much Stellenbosch cost for education also called Stellenbosch University tuition fees.

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