Cost to study in South Africa as an international student
Cost to study in South Africa as an international student

How much does it cost to study in South Africa as an international student? South Africa is one of the best education destinations for students in most African countries and overseas as discussed in this article. Its educational infrastructures and excellent education programs make South Africa attractive to most international students.

Studying in South Africa usually takes three years of full-time study to earn a bachelor’s degree and a or two to earn a master’s degree. The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first semester is from early February to early June and the second is from mid-July to late November.

Most universities in South Africa offer a multicultural student community, good academic facilities, a variety of activities and social clubs, and a good support system for international students.

In 2004 the South African government initiated the reform of the higher education system. This resulted in many colleges and Universities disappearing and merging into larger and more comprehensive universities. As a result, there are over 20 state universities.

In South Africa, only public institutions that award diplomas are referred to as “universities”. Private universities in South Africa are referred to as colleges, business schools, or institutes, even if they award degrees at all levels of higher education.

When choosing a course, pay attention to the language of instruction.

As you probably already know, English is widely spoken in South Africa and is the official language. However, South Africa has over 10 official languages and several recognized regional languages.

English is used as the language of instruction in grade 4 of elementary school and most universities make it the main language of instruction. However, Zulu and Afrikaans are the most widely spoken languages in the country. For this reason, many universities offer, for example, certain Afrikaans or degree programs taught in English and other languages.

Cost of studying in South Africa for international students

Average tuition fees are usually less than $10,000

Cost to study in South Africa as an international student costs between $2,500 and $7,000 for tuition at most public Universities and some private colleges. According to the government of South Africa, undergraduate programs in South Africa will cost you $2,400 to $4,700.  Tuition fees and the cost of living in South Africa for international students across the country, range between R25,000 and R70,000 (US$1,800-5,000) per year. Specialized postgraduate courses and MBAs can cost up to R410,000 (US$29,300) annually.

There are many universities in South Africa. Some private colleges and business schools are significantly more expensive than this, therefore, it is recommended that you choose carefully.