What is the difference between an administrator and an officer
What is the difference between an administrator and an officer


What is the difference between an administrator and an officer? an administrator is a professional individual who administers, directs, and controls the affairs of an organization. He or she is in charge of the company or organization they work for.

Advanced IT skills are required for administrators for they process a lot of information on the computer. Good communication skills are also important to run an office efficiently. As an administrator, there are great opportunities for career advancement in a variety of environments.

Administrative Officer

An administrator carries is a professional who carries out clerical work and projects, and supports smooth office operations. An administrator writes documents, answers business inquiries, writes contracts, and provides customer service.

Responsibilities of an administrative officer

An administrative officer is responsible for supporting the smooth running of the business by ensuring that filings and documents are kept up to date. Their responsibilities may include using specific computer software and understanding the needs of the company they work for. They may also contact customers by email or phone, or greet visitors.

Other tasks that administrative officers execute daily include but are not limited to the ones listed below;

Provide, organize, and store information in paper and digital form

Answer telephone and email inquiries

Greet visitors at reception and direct them to the right offices

Manage booking calendar, plan meetings, and book rooms

Accommodation arrangements for the company’s traveling entourage

Postal and delivery arrangements

Taking down minutes during meetings

Writing company letters and reports

Updating computer records using databases

Printing and photocopying documents

Ordering office Supplies such as paper, food items, furniture, protective gear etcetera.

Maintaining office systems and communicating with suppliers and contractors

Communicating with employees in other departments.

Difference Between Administrator and Administrative Officer


In large companies with multiple offices or governments, administrative officers are responsible for only one office or department.

Administrators are in charge of several offices and are not restricted to just one, as is the case with administrative officers who only need to be familiar with the department they belong to.

An administrator’s job boils down to doing a lot of work behind the scenes. While an administrative officer may be scheduling meetings, doing the preparation works to make sure the meeting room is available and ready.


Because they have multiple responsibilities stemming from the fact that they oversee multiple departments, administrators travel a lot. On the other hand, an administrative officer must schedule appointments and accommodations for the administrator.

Access to information

Administrators have more access to the company’s information than administrative officers do. Administrators are responsible for many departments. As such, they need to be abreast with the happenings in every department they are responsible for. The same is not true with administrative officers, who may only have one department assigned to them.


Because they perform different tasks, even the pay is different as the annual salary for an administrator and administrative officer are $84,800 and $68,800 respectively. As a result, this difference in paycheck is an indication that an administrator is in a higher position than an administrative officer.