What Can You Do With a Public Administration Degree in Canada
What Can You Do With a Public Administration Degree in Canada

What Can You Do With a Public Administration Degree in Canada? With a degree in Public Administration, you can do a lot of things with it and some of the career paths you can take with a Public Administration degree are as follows;

Community Worker

Community work is aimed at developing and strengthening communities by way of facilitating the active participation of communities in solving problems that affect the community as a whole. There are several ways through which this can be realized: in the neighborhood, with specific groups for example women, with peer groups, local authorities, and government agencies.

Community workers more often than not, work in teams and hand-in-hand with police, social workers, teachers, and other agencies with which they share common goals. Further, they are the voices of the voiceless who represent the needs of target groups and marginalized communities to politicians at local and national levels.

Public Relations

A public relations consultant maintains a company’s public image, whatever that comes with it, leading to an exciting, challenging, and fast-paced career. Suppose you work for a company, you will be limited to performing tasks only for that company, but if you own a public relations consulting firm, your work will be more diverse by taking on various challenges for different clients that seek your services.

Written Communication

From new product information and media releases to press conferences, and articles, high-quality written communication is a big part of a public relations professional’s job.

Organize Events

Another aspect of a public relations consultant’s role is to organize and manage corporate events for their employer or client.

Media Relations

Whenever a firm makes news headlines, be it deliberate or unintentional, it is quite a no-brainer that it will be approached by the media for an interview and it is the public relations professional’s job to handle it.

Further, the job of a public relations specialist also includes maintaining good relations with the media so that press releases and other media materials are received by the desired publications when needed.


A lobbyist is a professional who advocates and influences policy decisions on behalf of individuals and organizations (usually non-governmental organizations). Lobbyists through advocacy can make proposals for new laws possible and can equally call for modifications to existing laws and regulations.

Policy Advisor

A policy advisor is a professional in a particular area of ​​public policy who works closely with government officials to formulate and implement policies that aim to address various concerns that affect the larger community. These concerns are economic and environmental concerns, among others.

A policy advisor can either choose to specialize in an area of ​​public policy or be a generalist who provides advice on a wide range of issues. Irrespective of one’s area of ​​expertise, policy advisors have one thing in common: they can communicate complex issues in a way that can be understood by common people.


Primarily, the role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between the conflict parties to help them reach a voluntary, timely, fair, and cost-effective settlement of their dispute. This is an ideal job for an individual with a Public Administration degree. Further, they can utilize their acquired negotiation skills throughout their public administration education.

Political Advisor

A political advisor is a professional who usually works for political parties, firms, or individuals with the ambition of taking part in elections, at whatever level. Further, political advisors advise clients on several issues about their political careers and other activities to ensure the success of an election campaign.

A political advisor is also responsible for promoting the leader of a political party for which he or she works. They research the population of the target area and based on their lifestyle, create campaigns to reach them through various mediums. These include text messages, television adverts, print media, digital media marketing, banners, etcetera.


A paralegal is a member of the legal team who has in-depth knowledge of the law and legal issues. However, he or she is not a qualified lawyer. Paralegals execute a wide variety of administrative and legal duties. In addition, they assist lawyers in their work and they might have specialized in certain areas of law.

Government Relations Manager

Government relations managers promote legislative efforts that benefit their organizations. Further, they work with public relations officers on campaigns to gain support from government officials and the public. A Government Relations Manager is responsible for following existing and proposed laws. They meet with various stakeholders which include local, state, and government officials as well as lobbyists, to liaise with them about numerous issues. Government relations managers also inform management of relevant laws and regulations.


Another career option for a Public Administrator is politics. A public administrator is also well-versed in public speaking. Hence, being a politician is an ideal option. Additionally, they are able to woo the crowd and put sell their ideas with confidence. In fact, public administration and politics are intertwined. For this reason, a public administrator has a higher of succeeding as a politician.