University of Cape Town fees for international students
University of Cape Town fees for international students

The University of Cape Town (UCT), is a multi-cultural, multicultural community of approximately 5,000 academic, professional, administrative support, and service staff and nearly 30,000 students from well over 100 countries. UCT offers six faculties: Commerce, Engineering & the Built Environment and Health Sciences, Law, and Science. Each year, around 7,200 students graduate from UCT hence why we have decided to share University of Cape Town fees for international students.

UCT’s vision for the future is to be an inclusive and research-intensive African university. It will address the current challenges with cutting-edge research, teaching, and facilities. UCT, as a university, is committed to encouraging transformation and working tirelessly for the sustainability of our institution.

International Academic Programmes Office, (IAPO), facilitates internationalization at UCT. They provide information on application procedures, deadlines, visa requirements, and medical coverage. IAPO will provide detailed information and a dedicated Orientation Program to welcome you to UCT before you begin your Semester Study Abroad or full-degree program, therefore it’s very important you learn about University of Cape Town fees.

Academic excellence

UCT is proud to have a long tradition of academic excellence. It is currently the highest-rated university in Africa as well as one of the most highly rated universities worldwide.

Its researchers continue their work in creating African-based solutions for global problems. This includes issues related to climate change, urbanization, safety, and security. UCT University has many world-renowned researchers, so if you decide to study or collaborate with them, you’ll be absorbing the most recent research findings and scholarly work.

Teaching and learning

UCT offers excellent education and encourages students to develop leadership and service skills. Students are encouraged to take part in volunteer projects in local communities. They can also become members of over 100 societies and 40 clubs on campus. Or, they can give back by participating in student governance.

UCT continues its growth as an internationally connected, relevant institution. We promote the uniqueness of our African scholarship by attracting academics and students from all over Africa to see what the best university on the continent has in store.

The university’s commitment to its academic projects is the foundation of its work. UCT is made up of a diverse group that contributes to the institution, its future, and the lives of those who belong to it.

What you will learn at UCT

You will be able to register for up to five courses at South Africa’s top research university, the University of Cape Town (CT) when you study in South Africa. It is located in a suburban area just five miles from the City Center. UCT is South Africa’s oldest university. It has seen remarkable changes since its inception, especially since the end of apartheid. The University of Cape Town (UCT) works to provide quality higher education for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. UCT is recognized for its achievements in African Studies and Anthropology, Botany, Botany, Business Engineering, and Environmental Sciences. History, Mathematics, Sociology, and Business.

The programs at UCT include community-based learning in Cape Town. This helps you to understand the most pressing social issues in Cape Town and contributes toward a community-driven solution. You can complete 60 hours of research and volunteer to work in Cape Town as part of our community-based learning courses in Sociology and Health Studies.

Students have the option to do community-based work through IES Abroad courses or volunteer with local organizations. Students from UCT often participate in SHAWCO’s volunteer program. These opportunities will give you a firsthand view of the city’s socio-economic issues that affect different groups.

University of Cape Town fees for international students

Fees for International Students

Fees for international students at UCT are R28,000 for tuition with a further R7,000 for other related costs bringing the total to R35,000 per year. These are University of Cape Town fees for international students.

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