List of public policies in the United States
List of public policies in the United States

Public policy is whatever the government decides to do it not to do; can be seen from the behavior of government officials and agencies; it determines the attitude of the government towards its environment. The policy is a targeted approach to solving a problem or concern based on this List of public policies in the United States.

Public policies are developed by government officials or bodies. This is a deliberate or purposeful action, not random or unintentional behavior. Policies are actions taken by government officials from time to time, not individual or discrete decisions.

Public Policies in the United States of America

There are two categories of public policies in the United States of America; domestic and foreign. Here’s a list of public policies in the United States.

Domestic Policy

The senatorial candidates begin their debates with domestic issues, usually limited to domestic issues and issues. In general, they aim at the health, safety, and well-being of citizens. Domestic policy can be further divided into several subcategories, including;

Social Security

Social policies related to matters affecting the general welfare of citizens. In the United States, this includes social security programs such as Social Security and unemployment insurance. It further includes social assistance programs such as housing allowances and food stamps for list of public policies in the United States.

Public Health

Public health policy places the health of the population at the center and includes efforts to improve and protect the health of the population.

Government health programs include Medicare and Medicaid. Public health also includes the implementation and enforcement of public safeguards, such as food and drug regulations.

Education Policy

Education policy, whose concern is the education of the nation’s citizenry.

Typically, responsibility for primary and secondary education has been with local governments, but federal and state governments are more actively involved. If anything, the United States Department of Education is a cabinet-level department.

Environmental Policy

Environmental policies focus on the regulations regarding how individuals interact with the environment, such as clean water and clean air.

In addition, it might equally include the promotion of certain sustainable activities which include

recycling as well as the development of renewable energy sources.

Criminal Justice Policy

Criminal justice policies related to law and order.

It focused on deciding what behavior is illegal and the appropriate punishment for would-be perpetrators. It can also include crime prevention programs such as campaigns against drug abuse.

Economic Policy

Economic policies are aimed at creating and maintaining a strong economy. The task of creating and maintaining a stronger economy is done through manipulating tax rates, interest rates, and money circulation. The economic policy also includes the regulation of business and consumer transactions. Hence its one of the most important on this list of public policies in the United States.

Foreign Policy

Unlike domestic policy, the foreign policy aims to address the United States’ interactions with other countries the world over. The foreign policy comprises the work of ensuring foreign trade cooperation, intelligence gathering, diplomacy, and maintaining national security in collaboration with defense policy.

Trade Policy

Trade policies include rules and restrictions regarding trade between the United States and other countries and agreements between countries that allow trade between them.

Intelligence Policy

Intelligence gathering is the act of seeking information by the US intelligence agencies, openly or covertly, to assess potential threats from foreign actors or states.

Diplomacy Policy

Diplomacy refers to managing relations between foreign governments and international organizations. Using diplomacy with other countries is a useful tool for addressing cross-border challenges, including terrorism, drug trafficking, and environmental degradation.