Public Administration Courses in Zambia
Public Administration Courses in Zambia

Are you planning to study public Administration Courses in Zambia? In this article we discuss and share with you some of the most important things you must know about the course syllabus in public administration: Therefore Public administration involves carrying out public duties. Its an execution of public affairs through management, control, and direction to improve efficiency and service delivery.  Skills one gets after the study of public administration, functions of Public Administration includes Accounting, management, planning, strategic management, public policy, administrative, organization functions, law, business, and ethics is part of the course syllabus for Public Administration.

Definition: Public administration is a study from social science that deals with implementing public policies, managing, controlling, and management been major functions for the common good of society.

Since Public administration is an academic discipline and study that involves the implementation, formulation and monitoring of government policies hence it requires no mathematics. Its a process of administering government functions in bureaucratic institutions, government and both none governmental. You can study public administration without mathematics but getting admission to some major universities sometimes might require mathematics been your prior study. 

There are 30 courses in public administration if for a bachelor’s degree which takes between 4 – 5 years before graduating. A diploma only takes two and half years before completion. Public administration degree in Zambia comprises of about 20 courses in total which you will need to pass in order to be awarded your certificate. After getting your first degree you can decide to advance the studies through a Masters degree and probably doctorate in the same field. These previous articles discusses characteristics of public administration adopted from principles of public administration. We we discussed and shared the course outline for Master in public Administration.

List Of Public Administration Courses in Zambia

  1. Introduction to Social Sciences
  2. Micro Economics 
  3. Macro Economics 
  4. Political Science 
  5. Ethics in the public sector
  6. Introduction to Computer Science
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Organization Theory 
  9. Government Administration
  10. Human Resource Management
  11. Qualitative and Quantitative Social Research Methods
  12. National Government
  13. Public Policy Analysis 
  14. Development Administration 
  15. Industrial Relations
  16. Organization Development
  17. Public Finance 
  18. Administrative Law
  19. Employment and Labor Law
  20. Organization Development 
  21. Public Management 
  22. Program Evaluation
  23. Human Development 
  24. Strategic Management
  25. Environmental Management 
  26. Project Management
  27. Monitoring and Evaluation
  28. Comparative Administration
  29. Risk Management
  30. Business Corporate Communication

Public Administration Courses at NIPA, UNZA, CBU, Mulungushi and UNILUS University. These universities offer Public Administration and are some of the leading providers of high quality professional Management and business training, research and consultancy services in Zambia.

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