Policy Development in Public Health Examples
Policy Development in Public Health Examples

Policy Development in Public Health Examples, public health is a science concerned with protecting and improving the health of people and where they reside – their communities. Role of public administration in policy making, includes Public health work is carried out through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, research on diseases to determine the cause and how to prevent them, and types of policy responding to diseases. In a nutshell. Policy development process in Ontario for public health policy, which is concerned with protecting the health of the entire population and this population can be as small as a local neighborhood or as large as an entire country or region in the world.

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Public health is a complex system that protects people from unsafe or dangerous conditions and provides methods to promote good health and prevent disease. Partners in this system include state and local health authorities; community health centers; colleges and universities; schools; federal agencies; federal and state legislatures; public organizations; the business world, not forgetting the community.

RAED: Policy Development Process by Government of Canada

Public health functions are often grouped by the Institute of Medicine into three main areas – assessment, assurance, and policy development. These terms are unknown; Many of the features listed below may be familiar to most people.

Policy development is concerned with setting goals for health services, developing performance standards, prioritizing resource allocation, and planning systems to meet identified health needs. Setting standards for child vaccination is an example of public policy development.

The Importance of Public Health Policy

Public health policy is very important because it brings public health theory and research into practice. Public health policy creates action from research and finds comprehensive solutions to previously identified problems.

The aim of public health is to track disease outbreaks as well as to explain why some people are at a higher risk of suffering from poor health than others. Most elements of public health include advocating for laws that discourage smoking in public, seat belts for public transport users, disseminating information on how to stay healthy, and providing science-based solutions to problems that inevitably happen.

What is an example of a public health policy?

The best example of an health policy would be smoke-free policies which can help prevent smoking in certain prohibited places. Today establishing good health informed policies is key to improving health nationwide.

Public Health Policy Examples

Before the implementation of public health measures, policymakers and officials will go through an extensive research process to determine which public health problems need to be addressed and formulate the next best solution. The following are some of the common public health policies;

  1. Food safety policy

Food safety policy is very important for the general health of people and society. Foodborne illness is a serious problem and public health authorities must formulate policies to ensure that only safe foods are available to the public. Not only safe foods; but also, foods that are of high-quality standards that stand the test of time before they expire.

2. Tobacco Use

Many public health officials have taken action to reduce the risk of death and illness from tobacco use and smoking. Some of these measures include raising tobacco prices and establishing tobacco-free zones in communities to protect non-smokers from the effects of second-hand smoke. In addition, caution is also given on cigarette packs warning smokers that tobacco is harmful to the health of a human being.

3. Human Immune Virus (HIV)

Public health policy plays an important role in educating the public about HIV prevention, living with the virus, treatment options, and avoiding stigma. Public health measures, including increased access to testing, birth control, and medicine, have been put in place to drastically reduce the impact and spread of the virus in various communities.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is a leading cause of traffic accidents, violence, sexual assault, health complications, and more. Public health policy is very important in tackling alcohol addiction policy was created and reducing its negative impact on users. Alcohol policies vary by city, but the most common example is age restrictions for the consumption and purchase of alcohol.