Perspectives of Change Management
Perspectives of Change Management

Perspectives of change management suggest different approaches to change. Each perspective shows a different approach and all must be included in the change process. Perspectives of change management, show ways through strategic management, change is introduced. Its an important systematic process for any organization by either managers or administrators. To increase sales, staying on the right path, organizations from construction, business, government and banks, implement change process. This begins with cognitive analysis of the organization, through perspectives of change management

Perspectives of Change Management Process

Three perspectives to change, include Rational approach to change, Learning change approach and cognitive change approach. A change model should include, how much change is needed. How it will be implemented within the organization. Style of change process and time schedule, which should include process for change.

1.Rational Change Approach

Managers through rational change approach, engage in critical analytical thinking. Supported through events that lead to need for change in an organization. Its a planned process of change to improve the organizational current status and archive expected results.

2. Learning Approach to Change

Learning approach to change, involves initiating change while following series of events and happenings. It comes as a result of experiments that managers perform to learn about the problem. Actions taken help managers learn more and prescribe solutions for planned change.

3. Cognitive Approach to Change

Managers think outside the box in this approach. Diagnosing the problem through a series of experiments and process. The mindset of managers changes cognitively before actually engaging into change process for the organization.