Similarities between Management and Profession
Similarities between Management and Profession

Observing differences or similarities between management and profession can be confusing, especially if you have little knowledge on organization or management, what each of these terms involve. Most people, confuse similarities between management and profession with management and leadership. Mananegemnet can not be easily separated from professionalism.

Major similarities between management and profession, in an organization define key important functions of why modern organizations need them.

Managementhelps to inspire and motivate certain values within an organozation. Managers are primary responsibile for planning, organizing, coordinating and directing.

Profession refers to any paid occupation one holds, profession involves prolonged education and training which equips one with a formal qualification to be called ‘professionals’.

Differences And Similarities between Management and Profession

  • Management is considered to be a profession, which involves playing a leadership role.
  • Managers make calculative risks throughout there profession, to asses impact and migate risks.
  • Managers have complementary skills which makes them professional.
  • Management consists of need to execute professional systematic procedures linked to one another
  • Managers are professionals with knowledge on directing, coordination, budgeting and control.
  • Managers are responsible for human resource functions which is a profession.
  • Managers communicate corporate philosophy to lower stuff to improve professionalism
  • Management enhances professionalism through strategies to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Management is part of a profession which involves making plans to streamline every operation
  • Management improves organizational professionalism by promoting efficiency
  • A profession requires people understand Management Key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Building of any profession, or interpersonal relationships in an organizational requires management.
  • Bureaucracies comprises of different profesion performing management functions
  • Management is a profession which requires managers to exercise autonomy, respect for people and ehtical values.

Conclusion: Is management a profession give reasons? Management comprises of common body of knowledge. Management is part of profession which is besically a skill, while Profession requires number of qualifications and expert knowledge. These articles, explain why practitioners in manangememnt departments are refered to as professional employees.

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