Study Public Administration without math's in jamb
Study Public Administration without math's in jamb

Can you Study Public Administration without Mathematics? This is one of the most commonly asked questions for people in Nigeria and Africa having to deal with JAMB. As an academic discipline and study that is concerned with the implementation, formulation, and monitoring of state policies. The study of public administration does not require mathematics as already mentioned in our previous article. The processes are not mathematical nor do they demand arithmetic skills. This is the process of managing government functions in bureaucratic, governmental, and non-governmental institutions. Therefore you can Study Public Administration without math’s in jamb.

Can I Study Public Administration in JAMB Without Mathematics?

Public administrators produce the common good by providing services, making policies, and enforcing good governance. Public administration has expertise in managing state, local, and federal affairs. Public administration duties include management, administration, arts, and sciences.

Therefore, one can study public administration science without mathematics as it is not part of the public administration curriculum. The only mathematics-related courses you may encounter in a public administration major are economics, finance, business administration, and marketing courses.

Although you can study without public administration minus mathematics, to be admitted to some major universities, mathematics is sometimes required to be your previous area of study. However, this is dependent on the university policies and requirements for prospective students. Sometimes you may be required to take courses that cover mathematical concepts and the basics of calculus.

Nevertheless, that does not change the fact that mathematics is not part of the syllabus for public administration courses, not even for diplomas. Public administration gives you a variety of options to choose from. You can choose to diversify later in the future in fields such as lecturing, politics, policy analysis, administration, human resource management, business administration, etcetera.

Public Administration Without Mathematics in Jamb

The combination of JAMB subjects for public administration is English, mathematics, economics, and other social science subjects. JAMB stands for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Examination Board (JAMB) and is an examination board that examines candidates for admission to higher education institutions in Nigeria.

JAMB administers entrance examinations for prospective students at Nigerian public and private universities accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). The Council also administers entrance examinations for prospective students to public and private Nigerian polytechnics, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

The following are the functions of JAMB;

  • Conduct matriculation examinations for admission to all Nigerian universities, polytechnics as well as colleges of education.
  • Select, appoint and assign examiners, moderators, supervisors, members of the committee of experts and committees, and other persons in connection with the matriculation examination and all other related or related matters.
  • Appoint suitably qualified candidates for higher institutions, taking into account: vacancies available at each higher education institution and policies approved for each higher education institution by their owners or other relevant authorities the applicant stated or otherwise indicated a preference for certain higher education institutions and courses or other matters that the Board of Directors may consider at the direction of the Honorable Minister or as the Board deems appropriate in the circumstances.
  • Collect and disseminate information on all matters relating to admission to universities or other matters relating to the implementation of the duties of the Management.
  • Engage in other activities necessary or appropriate for the full performance of all or part of the tasks assigned to him or her.


Though mathematics is a requirement for JAMB, it is still possible to study Public Administration without it because mathematics is certainly not one of the entry requirements for Public Administration. Study Public Administration without math’s in jamb is very possible and can be archived certainly.

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