Importance of public policy in public Administration
Importance of public policy in public Administration

Role of public administration in policy making process is for producing and managing government policies. Public administrators operate in public institutions and we already discussed the role of public administration in democracy and now importance of public policy in public Administration will be our primary focus. Public administrator Job Description defines administrators who make public polices as people that are Individuals who know how to root out societal problems. Read: Jobs with public administration masters this will give you clear direction if you want to become an administrator and some day be the one making polices for your country.

Importance of public policy in public Administration: Public policy is very important for development and improving the government operations, procedures or economic reforms. Studying a master of Public Administration, Degree or any form of knowledge on policy making process highlights the ways public administrators interact with public policy. Read (Best master’s degree in public policy) Relationship between public policy and public Administration pdf is that public administrators make public policies and these policies help in the governing of the country.

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Importance of public policy in public Administration is to make the society better, monitor the activities of government to lead a better life for people in order to avoid abuse of power. Public policy works for the betterment of people’s lives and to maintain the delivery of the goods and services are significant, it is regarded as the mechanism for developing nations, economic-social system, a procedure for determining the needs of people and ways to provide those needs by using minimal resources and equal distribution.

Role of Public Administration in Policy Making

1.Implementing policies

Public administration supports those working in government in the implementation and monitoring of effective government policies. Although it is a form of study, public administration familiarizes students with a wide range of managerial skills. It is a measure of effective policy implementation and in Africa provides a political dichotomy between elected officials and civil servants. Public managers carry out risk assessments and mitigate risks on specific projects on behalf of the government.

2.Policy Making

The process of formulating state policies is the most general function of public administration, essentially in politics and democracy, because of the political process by which state policies are made. Public administrators ensure that good policies always uphold the rule of law and promote justice for the masses.

3.Resource Provision

The provision of resources and their use cannot be overlooked among the general tasks of public administration. Public administrators help provide food in case of famine or starvation to those in need. This is made by possible by policies that public administrators help to formulate and push for their implementation. They are also responsible for the preparation, forecasting, and dispatching ahead of time to ensure requests are properly utilized.

4.Control State Activities

Public administration assists in ensuring that there is the thorough implementation of state policies and various programs which the state comes up with. Therefore, to improve government capacity, one of the main functions of administration is to control state activities. With the help of managerial functions, administrators can plan properly, organize resources and employ measures to control efficiency and effectiveness and implement them properly.

5.Determining Appropriate Procedures

Since public administration is ultimately concerned with the welfare of the public, it is therefore responsible for establishing appropriate processes and ensuring positive behavior that discourages tribalism, partiality, human rights violations, and stigmatization. Public administrators in policymaking decisions determine appropriate policies that mitigate or eliminate the aforementioned vices so that people are treated fairly and that their rights are not infringed upon. Such policies help motivate good behavior to help communities and states to realize their respective objectives.

6.Planning and Controlling of Budgets

Public administration plays a vital role in ensuring that the state budgets are controlled, this is done through the process of planning and controlling the budget by the legislative, judicial, or executive institutions. It also looks at the accounting information processed in democratic governments to find out how much was spent in the previous year. In comparison, it follows the work of various public ministries and agencies.

Therefore, public administration through public administrators assists in making sure that policies to do with budgeting are followed to the letter to ensure transparency and discourage fraud and mismanagement of funds.

7.Community Development

Community development is one of the key issues which concerns public administration. Administrators often engage different stakeholders and network with them in a bid to discuss how best they can develop their communities. It is the work of public administration that ensures that there is a play park for the children, clinics, and markets in the community, they do not do this in isolation but work hand-in-hand with councils and line ministries.

As earlier mentioned, public administrators facilitate the work by creating networks in collaboration with several organizations and philanthropists. For example, a public administrator involved in community development may have a position in a city or district council and be tasked with conducting research and implementing programs that promote economic mobility and offering government grants or loans to members of community co-operatives, and sports teams, etcetera.

8.Public Safety

Public administration also plays a key role when it comes to the safety of the community. Administrators formulate policies that ensure that people in the community are not put in harm’s way, such policies may be “Mining should not be done in residential areas”. Such policies are for the benefit of the people who may fall sick as a result of emissions from mining activities and will eventually force mining companies to mine farther from where people reside or to relocate the people and compensate them if where they need to be.

9. Environmental Management

Public administrators are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the interests of ordinary citizens, and as the population continues to grow, their task is even greater as they have to deal with the devastating effects of climate change. Population growth comes with its evils, as people increase, businesses have to keep up with it as well, and as a result, trees are cut down to build houses, shopping malls, set up factories.

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In a bid to curb such activities, public administrators come up with policies that prohibit people from cutting trees anyhow and prevent the erection of buildings in forest reserve sites. They also have policies that urge people to plant a tree where they cut down one.

What is the role of public administration in public policy?

Importance of public policy in public Administration is that it helps with the implementation of government policies. Today public administration is regarded as the process of dealing with the responsibility for determining the policies and programs of governments. Importance of public policy in public Administration is that it deals with planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling of government operations.

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