Importance of Public Administration in Society
Importance of Public Administration in Society

There’s huge critical role public administration in society. From helping the governing structures of society to effectively function and enhancing institutions through bureaucratic principles. Professional authors argued that, its impossible for any contemporary government organization with characteristics of bureaucracy to exist and function without public administration. Importance of Public Administration in society can be seen as the legislature, judiciary and executive also relies on duties and functions of public administration today to effectively function especially with increasing dynamic responsibilities of government.

Scope of public administration has been in existence from 200 BC, but become popular academic discipline in 1887, after Woodrow Wilson father of public administration outlined significance of this study, importance to modern society and sate. During monarch management of building roads, developing countries, had need for major policies to help facilitate control, procedural implementations, and implementation.

Meaning and importance of public administration

Public administration, is the implementation of policies on behalf of government by public servants. Involves determining of good policies and government responsibility through management functions (planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and control) of government programs.  

In the beginning importance of public administration in society was to improve economic status during industrial revolution. Sidney and Beatrice Webb during the time where cringing collective bargaining as been important to modern society but could not be separated from public administration and management or role of human resource. Public administration caused major shift during industrial revolution leading to urbanization of most western countries in the world.

course syllabus for Public Administration
course syllabus for Public Administration

Second phase involved changing philosophy of public administration form a mare study to an academic discipline, aimed at introducing state intervention. This was later referred to as laissez-fare which was an introduction of modern social welfare. As explained in course syllabus for Public Administration, later major countries involved in society, revolutionary movements, organizations, formed alliances together with united nations to generate goals of public administration in society with a mission of spreading across the world.

Importance of public administration in society

Its an important instrument as noted for making good policies and provision of services. Any society governed by sate law needs public administration for making public policies, efficiency in procedures and programs on behalf of government. Public administration serves public interest, its importance in society with no profit making motive, facilitate equal resources even to poor people. Below are 12 public administration duties, responsibilities and importance of public administration in society

  1. Public administration ensures adequate availability of services for public interests in different ways to improve livelihood of people.
  2. Been a basic service rendered to people with intent to save, public administration takes on projects private sector avoids.
  3. Provision of free services such as healthcare, disaster management, education and sensitization to curb diseases
  4. Public administration provides security, protection of people from been exploited through maintenance of democratic rule of law and order
  5. Economic, social and cultural advancement of any country depends on public administration.
  6. Welfare being of developing countries depend on positive public monetary polices to improve economic status.
  7. Government machinery, including three arms of government legislature, judiciary and executive relies on public administration.
  8. Protecting citizens through defense forces is among major importance’s of public administration in society
  9. For any modern state public administration plays an active role in ensuring there’s laissez-fare an important element responsible for maintaining state law.
  10. Modern state needs public administration for distribution of services and goods on behalf of government.
  11. Public administration brings efficiency in government to reduce complex responsibilities.
  12. Finally public administration ensures there’s equal distribution of resources in society to meet requirement for growing population.


Its been noticed there is an increasing awareness from citizens, countries and institutions to improve on there functions and responsibilities. Hence today functions of public administration have become very complex and dynamic in nature due to demand and changes in social and technological factors. Its due to changes observed why today most public institution’s have now adopted elements of public management (NPM) to improve procedure, cutting red tape, putting customers first, improve efficiency and maintain competitive advantage in provision of services . Read on importance of New Public Management to know the significance of this paradigm shift from tradition public administration to adoption of business model of administration.

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