Importance of public administration in Nigeria
Importance of public administration in Nigeria

Public administration is am important aspect of our lives and for institutions managing the affairs of government and private sector. Previously we discussed importance of public administration in the world. But on this article we narrow our topic and specifically focus on one of the biggest countries in Africa, ‘Nigeria‘. Nigerian government relies on public management and administration to effectively provide and governing its citizens, also by making sound policies for human development. Therefore thousands of people as for the importance of public administration in Nigeria.

Core functions of public administration is that it helps in the proper implementation of responsibilities, policies, advisory role and monitoring public affairs, process, with systems created to support existence of public administration. You can learn about core functions of public administration in this article. Despite having similar roles to management, administration, new public management. Public administration plays an important fundamental role in Nigeria today, from policy implementation, control, monitoring, provision of social services, health care, food and relief etc. to people.

Importance of public administration in Nigeria

Significance of public administration in Nigeria has been to play a crucial role in helping federal agencies. These include; transportation, security, health and human social service providers. Public administrators in Nigeria and especially at local level help to organize procedures, reduce efforts through new public management which has significant features that help to improve public service delivery. Public administration services spans across every part of our society form socials, cultural, political and economic.

  1. First importance of public administration in Nigeria is to ensure protection of citizens and society through maintenance of law and Oder. Public administration has been part of the law making process in Nigeria.
  2. Public administration is important for Nigerian government to perform checks and balance on policies, impact and effects they have on Citizens.
  3. Public administration implemented in government institutions, built on bureaucratic principles. Administrator ensure there is efficiency and effectiveness in managing public affairs.
  4. Public administration controls the social, economic, cultural, and political aspects of Nigerian society. These depends on public administration to effectively function.
  5. In Nigeria public administration is important for information provisional services to citizens and operational businesses.
  6. Public administration helps in development of the country. Those who study public administration find employment to offer public professional assistance
  7. Public administration in Nigeria helps when creating monitoring policies for health status to identify and prescribe viable solutions to health problems community faces.
  8. Public administrators mobilize community t6hrough social work and groups to help people with different needs.
  9. Public administration helps Nigerian government in policy- making and arraigning affairs of society according to demand through process of prioritizing
  10. Its important for organizations, government institutions and none-governmental facilities to properly organize work procedures and control.

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