How to get full scholarship in Canada
How to get full scholarship in Canada

A scholarship is financial assistance offered to students for academic purposes based on academic merit or financial need. There are several types of scholarships but the common ones are two and these are merit-based and need-based. How to get full scholarship in Canada, discussed in this article should help you with questions such as, Can I get full scholarship in Canada for undergraduate?, How can I study undergraduate in Canada for free? and what are the easiest scholarships to get in Canada?.

Scholarship recipient selection criteria are determined by the scholarship donor or grantor. The scholarship donor or grantor specifically determines how the scholarship will be used.

Scholarships are usually awarded based on a variety of factors including;

Academic achievement

Departmental and community involvement

Work experience

Field of study, and

Financial need (very common)

Scholarships in Canada

Though Canada is among the most desirable destinations for international students, tuition fees are not cheap hence. Therefore, for those intending to study in Canada but who do not have financial support, scholarships are the way to go. These scholarships are meant for both Canadian and international students, awarded by the Canadian government, individual Canadian universities, and other organizations.

If you are applying for a Canadian scholarship, you need to check the website of the scholarship institution to ensure that you provide all the required documents. In other words, requirements vary from one institution to another. Nevertheless, the common requirements for scholarship applicants are listed below.

Completed scholarship application form

Photocopy of diploma/diploma

Copy of your passport/ID card

letter of intent or cover letter

Letter of recommendation

Test results (such as SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA)

Evidence of language skills, for example, the IELTS test

Some institutions may require some additional documents, such as essays and medical reports.

Steps to get a scholarship in Canada

Build your portfolio

The first thing to get started with the process of getting a scholarship in Canada is by building a portfolio. This means that you need to involve yourself in a social activity that fights for a cause to benefit the larger members of society.

In portfolio-building, you may become an activist or join a club or an association and be actively involved in addressing several things. These include but are not limited to: climate change, justice, racism, abortion, death sentence, and so on. Your social influence needs to be in tandem with the major you want to study at university.

Higher GPA scores and references of teachers, professors, and instructors account for portfolio-building as well.

Find the right scholarship

After your portfolio is built, the next thing you have to do is to find the right scholarship. The majority of Canadian universities provide scholarships but the chances of you being awarded a scholarship are higher in some universities than in others. Hence, the need to find the right one is critical.

You need to search on the internet to find out which university offers more scholarship spaces from which you stand a higher chance.


After the first two steps have been taken care of, the final step is applying. Apply at the university that you feel is ideal for the program you want to major in, and where there are higher chances of being selected for a scholarship.

You will be required to write and submit an essay (especially for international students) at some universities. Additionally, a portfolio (from Canadians and international students) may be required at other Universities. It is important to note that it is not all Universities that require either a portfolio or an essay or both, there are some that select suitable applicants without requiring any of them but just documentation and good results.