Force Field Analysis Advantages and Disadvantages
Force Field Analysis Advantages and Disadvantages

The previous article introduced us to Kurt Lewin’s creation (Force Field Analysis) a strategic tool used to work around a change in terms of what really is needed for it to take place. This is not only in an official capacity but also in personal settings outlining Force Field Analysis Advantages and Disadvantages. This easy to use tool has garnered professional credibility and has been used for a long time, it’s an analysis tool similar to SWOT Analysis and can be integrated with Kurt Lewis’s model for change management. Change is an important process that has major perspectives, hence why it’s of great importance to know advantages and disadvantages of force field analysis.

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What is the basic goal of force field analysis? Force field analysis allows you to investigate all forces involved in driving and resistance to a decision that needs to be made. Oh! The introduction itself tends to be getting into the advantages of force field analysis. The pragmatism in Lewin’s concept is quite intense such that it evokes an emotion that can easily blur your vision against the disadvantages it comes with.

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After all, nothing man-made can ever be perfect! However, force field analysis stands as one of the best tools of analyzing subjects. Remember I come to you as an entrepreneurial learner, thus I will give hints on how I think these concepts may benefit our young businesses in Africa.

Let us recap on the concept of Force Field Analysis:

We know the group of people that lead society as the status quo. These people are responsible for initiating change and in our analysis, they are what we are calling the equilibrium, which has to be upset for change to happen. This is by either creating conditions for change or reducing the resisting force. It is an interesting way of analyzing society especially in Africa and how resisting forces are reduced.

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What we gather from Lewin’s concept so far is that for change to take place, driving forces should always be stronger than restraining forces in order for change to take place. There are always two forces in society. When we look at politics, force field analysis can make more sense easily.

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In the USA a few months back we saw a change of government at the hands of the opposition party, which in this case I would call the driving force which proved stronger than the restraining force in the form of the former ruling party.
Young African businesses should begin to speak up the way we saw in Malawi too, as far as youth development is concerned.

With this in mind, we should be cognisant of Force Field Analysis Advantages and Disadvantages and the fact that we never have to politicize businesses as this creates a never-ending crisis in emerging corporations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Force Field Analysis:

What is force field analysis advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of the force field analysis

  1. Force field analysis creates images that summarise all factors making up either the driving or restraining force towards an idea where a decision has to be made.
  2. Adding on to the pieces collected from the factors against or for your idea, force field analysis allows for a qualitative evaluation beyond data collection.
  3. Force field analysis also equips you with techniques in decision-making. These strategies are meant to help you master how to fortify the forces that support your decision against the impact of any opposition.
  4. Force field analysis uses a diagnostic approach to problems. When you go to the doctor with a condition, they do not rush to give you medication before examining what has caused your sickness, lest you are given the wrong medication and develop another. Such is the process with a force field analysis.
  5. Force field analysis gives you realities, especially when executing your idea, of the hindrances you will encounter such that you will be prepared for most of them, thereby expediting your processes.

Disadvantages of the force field analysis

  1. For more field analysis to give a realistic evaluation of the forces involved around an idea, 100 percent participation of stakeholders is required for accuracy during data collection. If some can not be available, there won’t be enough information about the impact of either force.
  2. The debate nature of this concept has the ability to divide units which is a great disadvantage.
  3. Skill and knowledge of the people working on an idea are key when using force field analysis. This is a disadvantage given that it is based on assumptions, not facts. Assumptions need to be interpreted as objective in the subject matter.
  4. Force field analysis has the potential of being used by power-hungry leaders to thwart any opposition to their leadership systems. In as much as this concept is usually used for change, it can also be used against positive change especially in politics and in big corporations.
    A beautiful piece of work, meant to develop society and business becomes an enemy of progress where it was supposed to accelerate growth.
    Being a young entrepreneur I would like to look at force field analysis with regard to business. Radical liberalism uses revolutionary solutions to problems. These usually bring about outright change. I would suggest businesses engage in force field analysis before making crucial decisions. Place yourself in the field and see which force to which you belong. Place yourself in the shoes of one in the opposing force then go neutral to come up with decisions that do not leave you with regrets.
    Because change happens in the positive or negative, we can conclude from the outcome that the force was going for you or against you.
    In his work, Revolving Social Conflicts, Lewin argues, that society is at equilibrium as far as culture is concerned. He explains how the “form and velocity” of culture is an end product of a balance of two counteracting forces giving an example of a river and the way it either flows faster or slower.
    Change is inevitable but it needs to be managed well such that it does not create more problems than those that existed before. My heart bleeds for environmental issues. Mankind has been accused of causing more harm to the planet. How then do we deal with such a situation where the driving force is so strong yet the change that comes is not the desirable type?

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