Employment Act Zambia 2019

No 3 Employment Code Act 2019 has been an important document that regulates and sets working conditions between the employee and employer. An Act controls the employment of persons; prohibits any form of discrimination, based on sex, gender, or age. It ensures favorable working conditions and constitutes the Skills and Labor Advisory Committees. Further, it is useful in any disputes between the employee and their employer.

It articulates and provides full guidance of employers and their functions, and provides principles for a human resource on grounds of firing, hiring, retention, and promotion. The Code helps stakeholders engage in collective bargaining or alternative dispute resolutions of persons on contracts of employment and provides the enforcement of the contracts of employment.

Labor laws in Zambia are regulated by the Basic Conditions of Employment, the Labor Relations Act, Gender-Based Violence Act, Penal Code Zambia, and the Employment Equity Act. These important documents or statutes, pdf elaborate more on the right to know what hazards are present in the workplace, freedom, and right to participate in keeping your workplace healthy and safe. Employees in Zambia have the right to refuse work believed to be dangerous. This has been defined in Occupational Health and Safety, Act Number 36 of 2010.

This is An Act to establish the Occupational Health and Safety Institute and provide for its main functions. It provides for the establishment of Zambian health and safety committees at workplaces and for the health, safety, and welfare of persons at work; provides for the duties of manufacturers, importers, and suppliers.

Employment Act Zambia 2019 Pdf

It is an Act to regulate the employment of persons; prohibit discrimination at an undertaking; constitute the Skills and Labor Advisory Committees and provide for their functions. This Act also provides and enforces the engagement of persons on contracts of employment. It further provides for employee entitlements and other benefits.

The act provides for the protection of wages of employees; provide for the registration of employment agencies; regulate the employment of children and young persons; provide for the welfare of employees at an undertaking; provide for employment policies, procedures, and codes in an undertaking.

Collectively, the employment Code Act 2019 repeal and replace the Employment Act, 1965, the Employment (Special Provisions) Act, 1966, the Employment of Young Persons and Children Act, 1933, and the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Employment Act, 1982; provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing by government.

Read: Bank of Zambia Act, No 43 of 1996

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