Diploma in Public Administration Course Outline
Diploma in Public Administration Course Outline

Public administration is an important study which involves formulating polices, law, and the affairs of society on behalf of government and provision of services to people. Public administration is different from management and more advanced from common basic administration and managementPublic administration functions involves organizing, planning, directing, coordinating and controlling. Diploma in Public Administration course outline shows subjects concerned with making government policies, process and control.

Diploma in Public Administration, helps students learn about public structure, chain of command, deities, human resource and hierarchy of structure in charge of public affair. Diploma in Public Administration course outline helps through cognitive subjects which regulate behavior of public servants. You can learn more about subjects for Diploma in Public Administration and Management.

Diploma in Public Administration

Most Universities and colleges in the world offer 2 year based programs for a diploma in public administration. Subjects studied at diploma level are 20 in total offering knowledge to students about administrative duties, management, significance and importance of public administration to be effective managers for both public and private sector.

These courses, teach students about public sector, rules and regulations, duties, importance of public administration, evaluates characteristics of bureaucracy. Features of new public management and its importance to public administration, including procedures, ethical dilemma’s, etc. Diploma in Public Administration course outline, gives insights to popular models of public administration.

Diploma in Public Administration course outline

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Micro Economics 
  3. Macro Economics 
  4. Political Science 
  5. Ethics in public sector
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Organization Theory 
  9. Government Administration
  10. Human Resource Management
  11. Research Methods
  12. Risk Management
  13. Public Policy Analysis 
  14. Development Administration 
  15. Industrial Relations
  16. Organization Development
  17. Public Finance 
  18. Administrative Law
  19. Employment and Labor Law
  20. Organization Development 

What can you do with a diploma in public management? Students become Public administrators after completion and graduation. You can work in different government and private organizations, public departments and government agencies. Job positions nd responsibilities after studying public administration include: Administrative assistant, Human resource manager, Committee secretary, Case manager and Policy analyst is kind of jobs one can do upon finishing Diploma in Public Administration courses.

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