Difference between management and administration

This article explains more than two points of difference between management and administration difference between management and administration. Explained also is the relationship between managers and administrators. Therefore after reading you will be able to define management and administration. Studying in any of the two fields opens you up to a lot of opportunities in the world. Careers in public administration, allow graduates to have the available opportunity to expand practical knowledge and ways to succeed in bureaucratic organizations, administration, and management or administrative positions in government or nonprofit organizations.

Definition of Management

Management deals with a systematic process of managing people and their work, tasks, and responsibilities within the organization for achieving a common goal through the utilization of available organizational resources. It creates an environment under which the manager and his subordinates can work together for the attainment of group objectives. It is a group of people who use their skills and talent in running the complete system of the organization.

Management is a uniform process and plays a key role in an organization. This includes the process of enforcing discipline among employees and more. Key functions of management include planning, organizing, leading, motivating, controlling, coordination, and decision-making. Learn more on 14 principles to understand expected standards and outline what managers follow in the process of executing their duties and responsibilities.

Administrators deal with principles that are similar to functions of public administration and they are the major activities performed by the management. But new public management brings together efficiency and market model in a business organization, to become more effective Machines, with improved Methods, and opportunities to earn money. It is a result-oriented activity, which focuses on achieving the desired output.

Definition of Administration

The administration is a systematic process of administering the function, jobs, policies, and overall management process of a business organization. Administrators are people with added education as an advantage either possessing a school or college, and also working in government officials who have come to understand the pillars of public administration, its role in bureaucracy, Human resources planning process, and principles of public administration for profit and any nonprofit organization. The main scope and function of administration is the formation of plans, policies, and procedures, for state government, companies, organizations, and NGOs to facilitate a good set up of goals and objectives, enforcing rules and regulations, etc.

Key Differences Between Management and Administration

The major differences between management and administration are
listed below:

  1. Management refers to a continuous systematic process of managing resources and people within an organization.
  2. While the administration is defined as an act of administering the functions performed in the organization by a group of people.
  3. Management is an important activity of any business and operates even at a functional level,
    whereas Administration is considered to be only high-level activity.
  4. Management focuses on policy implementation, structures, and formulation is performed by the administration.
  5. Functions of administration include legislation and determination. The functions of management are executive and
  6. Administration deals with the important decisions of the organization
    But management makes decisions by following the laid down rules by the administration.
  7. Management refers to people working in an organization, each with a role to play from human resources, ICT, and accounts. Collective performing managerial duties.
    while administration represents the top management and stakeholders or owners of the organization.
  8. Management serves as a process of making a profit for organizations like business enterprises.
  9. While Administration is found in non-profit and government institutions, including military offices, clubs, hospitals, religious organizations and all the non-profit-making enterprises.
  10. Management deals with the creation of strategic plans and actions, but the administration
    is mainly concerned with the procedure and making of policies to enhance set objectives.
  11. Management plays an executive role in the organization. But
    administration only deals with making decisions, hence is decisive in nature.
  12. The manager is in charge of the management functions of the organization,
    Whereas administrators are people who’re responsible for the administration of the
  13. Management focuses on managing people and their work within the organization. On the other hand, administration focuses on making the best possible utilization of the organization’s resources by ensuring effectiveness and efficiency.
Difference Between ManagementAdministration
1. DefinitionAn organized systematic manner of managing resources,
people, technology within
the organization to
ensure effective utilization
of resources is called management.
The process of
administering an
organization by a group
of people is known as
the Administration.
2. AuthorityLow level and middle-level employeesTop-level
3. Organizational Communication Upward CommunicationDownward Communication
4. Duties and responsibilitiesExecutive / ManagerialDecisive
5. Applicable toPrivate sector and profit-making organizations, business
Bureaucratic government offices,
military, clubs, enterprises, hospitals,
religious and
and business
6. WorkMaking strategic plans,
organizational structures,
advertising, and
implementing policies into actions
Formulation of organizational
plans, creating overall
policies and
setting goals, long term
and short term objectives
7. FunctionExecutive and
Legislative and
8. Focus onManaging workMaking best possible
allocation of limited

Difference between management and administration [Answer]

Difference: Management is the process of managing people and resources in an organization, while the administration is defined as an act of administering policies within an organization by a group of people. Therefore the managerial activity of business deals with the functional level, whereas Administration mainly focuses on administering organizational functions at a high level of the organization.

The similarity between management and administration [Answer]

Both managers and administrators are entirely different from each other, both in terms of their utility but both basically determine the objectives and crucial policies of an organization. Both functions and terms are important to the administration. They manage the whole organization to align the activity of business and organizations at the functional and top levels.


Both are different terms, but practically, more or less the same due to organizational functions. Today, managers perform both administrative and functional organizational activities. Managers also work and perform top management level duties, while operating as part of administrative responsibilities. Important administrative duties are above managerial duties due to their overall organizational oversight and decisiveness.


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