Delphi technique advantages and disadvantages
Delphi technique advantages and disadvantages

Delphi technique is a method of collecting expert opinion on a subject through distribution of a series of questionnaires. After looking at the concept, history and procedure of doing a Delphi technique. This article explains on the major aspects, especially Delphi technique advantages and disadvantages.

Through expert consultation the main goal of the Delphi technique is to produce questionnaires, that collect information a facilitator applies to achieve consensus.

Delphi technique advantages and disadvantages

Delphi technique advantages and disadvantages have significantly been utilized in academic disciplines which include Administration, strategic management and change management. Delphi technique advantages and disadvantages, have proven there relevance to collecting key information, interpretation, analysis and forecasting of future events. These are Delphi technique advantages and disadvantages


  • Little room for error or bias
  • Each expert contributes greatly to the study
  • Having more people makes it easy to produce concrete results
  • Its cheap and quick to initiate
  • Delphi does not require experts only. Even concerned citizens and stakeholders can be selected at random
  • Answers are tested again and again until a consensus is reached. This creates concrete information
  • Delphi is good for conducting estimates and future predictions
  • Delphi technique is very easy to learn and implement
  • No person can easily chnage the pinion of the group
  • Provides controlled feedback which reduces noise among group members based on other rankings


  • Delphi technique does not produce a right or wrong answer
  • Technique is based on opinion hence consensus does not mean its the correct answer, compared to other techniques
  • Procedure is easy and it does not have a large known internal validity
  • Results for Delphi are hard to know if there reliable or not
  • Delphi technique is not a replacement for vigorous scientific report of original reports. Its not a substitute for forms of evidence high above the pyramid.
  • Delphi has no single methodology and has lack of methodology
  • Delphi makes it hard to create survey tool
  • Delphi technique is slow because it relies on expert response. Takes minimum of 2 weeks
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