Database manager Versus Database administrator salary
Database manager Versus Database administrator salary

Database manager and database administrator are terms often used interchangeably, however; the two positions perform different duties. In this article we discuss Database manager versus database administrator salary to let you know if its worth pursuing any of the professions as full-time careers.

Database Manager

A database manager is an IT professional responsible for overseeing a company’s data storage methods, databases retrieval systems, and databases. Further, they ensure company files, databases, and other important data are accessible and protected for company use.


Companies across all industries have database managers who ensure they have a way to securely store, retrieve and secure their important information. These are just a few examples of the responsibilities of a database manager: These entail every detail about Database manager Versus Database administrator salary.

Training and hiring new database personnel

Create job descriptions for job vacancies

Assisting the database team in maintaining company databases.

Data entry and extraction in databases

Working with upper management and department managers to identify new database requirements for customer transactions, financial information, and employee files.

To organize data into easily retrievable categories, manipulate data in a database

Database Administrator

Database administrator (DBA) refers to the person who directs or performs all activities that are related to maintaining a database environment. Additionally, DBA ensures that the database and related applications of an organization work efficiently and functionally.

Importance of a DBA

It is essential to have one or more database administrators if your organization uses a database management software (DBMS), for mission-critical workloads. This will ensure that applications have continuous, uninterrupted access. Nowadays, organizations and companies use at least one DBMS and as a result, the demand for database administrators has never been greater.

The DBA is responsible to understand and manage the database environment. DBAs play a key role in maintaining the effectiveness of modern applications that depend on databases to store and retrieve data.

Database manager Versus Database administrator salary comes with a responsibility of making sure, it is almost inevitable that system and application outages, downtime, and slowdowns will happen without the DBA’s supervision. These problems can lead to business outages which can hurt revenue, customer experience, and company reputation.

Roles And Responsibilities

The IT department can have many roles for a DBA, including those that involve database systems and applications. The DBA is also responsible to design, implement, and maintain a new DBMS. This includes setting up the IT infrastructure and installing the DBMS to allow applications to access the databases.

Also, the DBA must create policies and procedures for the management, security, and use of the database management software. The DBA group develops training materials for employees and teaches them how to use the database management system. Administrators are the point of contact for any problems, such as troubleshooting root causes, fine-tuning, and optimizing the performance of programs and tasks that access the database.

They ensure that data and databases are properly backed up and can be quickly and accurately recovered in case of failure. The DBA also ensures databases are secure and protected. They take measures to ensure that the database integrity is maintained in terms of data accuracy by learning on Database manager Versus Database administrator salary.

The DBA utilizes its expertise in databases on numerous projects. They also performs database integration and usage in many IT projects. The DBA can be a valuable IT technician for many other technologies, as well as database-related issues.

Database manager versus database administrator salary


[Answer] Database manager versus database administrator salary. The average salary of a Database Administrator is $90690 per annum, while that of a Database Manager is $62,507 annually.

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