Cheapest University in Canada
Cheapest University in Canada

Canada is an ideal destination for candidates seeking an affordable degree. Canada provides low tuition fees for both international and domestic students. Canada’s education system is reputable and comparable to countries such as the UK and the United States for public policy. These institutions in this article, have a variety of programs. These are Cheapest universities in Canada for Ph.D., Cheapest universities in Canada for Masters, and Cheapest university in Canada for international students in 2022 some of the reasons why most students choose to study in Canada are the following:


In comparison to the best universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries, Canada offers a much easier degree for your pocket without compromising on the quality of education.

Easy settling

Studying in a foreign country far from home can be daunting. However, Canada is an English-speaking first-world country, making it easy for international students to communicate with other peers enabling them to feel at home in no time.


Canada is undoubtedly one of the best education destinations in the world and so are its universities. Hence, studying in Canada gives students an edge in the job market over other students who may have studied elsewhere where the standard of education is not on par with Canada’s.


Canada is a peaceful country and this peace that it enjoys is an attraction to most international students. Students do not wish to go to a country where there are wars and domestic violence. That would disturb their studies as well as put their lives in harm’s way.

The Cheapest University in Canada

The cheapest university in Canada is the Memorial University of Newfoundland or simply, MUN. MUN is Canada’s most affordable university for both local and international students. Its undergraduate tuition fees start from as low as CAD 2,000 per semester. As a result of the University’s affordability, it oversees the influx of students from all over the world, with 20% of the people enrolled at the university coming from over a hundred countries.

However, there are other universities in Canada that are equally cheaper and the following are some of them:

1. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is a public research university that opened in 1877 and has historically been recognized as the premier educational institution in western Canada. U of M currently has over 28,000 students. While most of the students are from the local community, 18% of the group is categorized as international students.

2. Concordia University

It is a comprehensive public educational institution in the French-speaking region of Montreal, Quebec. Nonetheless, it mainly uses English as the medium of instruction. Concordia University was founded as a merger between Loyola College and George Williams University. It is categorized into the faculties of Fine Arts, Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science, and Business and Graduate Studies.

3. McGill University

McGill is known to have one of the most diverse student populations, with 30% of enrollments coming from 150 countries worldwide. It has become an attractive destination for many foreigners. McGill is recognized as one of the top 3 universities in Canada – and one of the top 50 in the world. It is also known for having the highest acceptance scores.