Advantages and disadvantages of changing job roles
Advantages and disadvantages of changing job roles

They say that there is always an advantage and a disadvantage to everything. Therefore, this article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of changing job roles.

Some of the advantages of changing job roles

Higher Salary

The prospect of earning higher pay than that of the current job is one of the reasons people change jobs. Remaining in one job position for a long time limits you from earning a higher salary. As a result, this is the reason most employees leave.

Better Environment

Some workplaces are toxic and take a toll on employees as result. When another job opportunity has presented itself, they do hesitate to accept it and leave the current job role in the hope that where they are going is better than where they are currently. This sometimes turns out to be true.

Relocating To a New Place

Another advantage of changing jobs is that you get to move to a new place. Relocating allows you to live in a different location where you learn the culture of that location and its language (especially in Africa). Relocating to a different environment helps meet new people and make acquaintances thereby increasing social connections.

Character Growth

Another advantage of changing job roles is that it can help you grow in character especially if you currently do not have many responsibilities, You can look for other career opportunities where you can take on those responsibilities and gain more experience.

A Richer Resume

The more you change job roles, the more the experience on your curriculum vitae or resume which in turn, puts you at an advantage over other people in landing a job that requires someone of your expertise.

Getting Out of The Comfort Zone

Staying in one job makes you comfortable. You get used to doing the same thing over and over and with time, the job becomes relatively easy and puts you in a comfort zone.

However, it is only when you leave your job and land another that you realize you were in a comfort zone. Therefore, the effort you put in to impress the new bosses brings out the best in you.



Most people that change job roles are usually afraid of what to expect in their new jobs which leads them to be anxious when executing their and eventually leads them to make mistakes in some cases.

No Assurances Over the New Job

There are usually no assurances over the security of a new job as more often than not, you start work on probation first so that the company assesses your competence and suitability for the role and if you are unsuccessful during the stipulated probation time, you may end up losing the job.

New Jobs Can Be Stressful

It is not always easy to get used to a new job within a short time. It can take time to you acquaint yourself with new roles that you need to perform. New jobs are stressful because you may not know how to do everything and how things are done at the new company.

Might Encounter a Bad Environment

Not all workplaces are good. Some workplaces may be more toxic than that of your previous job. You may find yourself in a bad work environment which may lead to regret.

The Perception That You Cannot Keep a Job

Moving from one job to another might be disadvantageous as hiring managers may think that you are a difficult person to work with or that you are incompetent. This is true, especially if you change jobs in quick succession.