There are some differences and similarities between Administration and Management. There are differences between these terminologies, despite the definitions being similar. “Administration” according to the oxford dictionary, refers to a process of administering, following and applying, or putting laid down instruction into practice. It refers to the implementation of policies, rules and regulations outlined that one is supposed to follow. These can be coming from higher authority or political office. In nature, administrators administer policies. It’s why this term is commonly used whenever an administrator is mentioned.

Administration Vs Management (Similarities & Differences)

Management differs from Administration because it involves controlling resources, people drafting rules, and making strategies. Here are the similarities between Administration and Management:


  1. People working in offices practice both management Administration and Management.
  2. Administration and Management have been in existence for a long time and contribute to the effective running of the organization.
  3. Management comprises administration and Administration works well if combined together. Hence a manager needs to have both skills.
  4. Both Administration and Management include process-based techniques.
  5. Administration and Management must achieve something towards the end. Whether doing Administration or Management, the goal is to deliver expected outcomes.
  6. Management and Administration both exist in the New public management model


  1. Administration plays an administering role, following procedures and rules. While Management involves taking fair judgment and making decisions.
  2. In Administration credit goes to the higher office. Work is a directive to be completed.
  3. Additionally, administration is based on procedures. Management functions to deliver desired results.
  4. Management is a continuous process that needs observation almost at all stages during program implementation.
  5. Administration is a one-way process and the administrator does not need to observe further.
  6. Notedly, the public sector mostly used Administration before adopting new public management. Management is traced to the private sector.
  7. The term Management represents and carries a broader sense of the work done.
  8. Public managers are administrators. Management refers to those who perform a role of more than just implementing.

Both Administration and management refer to the process and role of administrators which involves the application and implementation of policies. The term “public” distinguishes these terms.

Public Management vs Public Administration

Public Management:

This Public management is a technical aspect of Administration. Management has all the tools and essential factors that include, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and assessment of policies. The Management process puts into practice; Public management, public finance, public policy, human resource, and other fields. Through public management, public servants play a major role in being in charge and taking responsibility and credit for the works to improve organization output.

Public Administration:

Public administration refers to the study of the public sector. It implements policies and processes rules and adheres to the stipulated law. Public administration is the use of managerial tools, and political theory, to implement executive, judiciary, and legislative policies on behalf of the government to offer goods or services. Because of this definition, Public Administration provides services to the public. Hence most organizations are not based on profit-making but on service. It consists of both Administration and management, which administrators apply in reality when making decisions.

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