importance of public administration
importance of public administration

Public administration is one of the biggest fields of study in the public sector that covers aspects of our lives. Hence most people seek to learn what are the importance of public administration. Its due to this mostly sought for question we elaborate in this article the top 30 importance’s of public administration today, in society and democracy. According to the farther of public administration Woodrow Wilson, defines public administration as the study that helps leaders to serve communities working in government and none governmental institutions to effect positive change. Public administration comprises in its scope, different types, but consist of both management and human resource are part of its pillars. Administration professionals are equipped to manage with knowledge throughout the study on how to perform bureaucratic duties at all levels of government in an organization.

Importance’s of public administration 2021

Public administration has been an effort that helps organizations attain goals in the pursuit of common public objective by managing SOCIETY and public affairs. What are the importance of public administration? Here’s top 30 points showing why public administration is important

Answers to importance of public administration!

1. Making government policies

2. Protecting people in society [Read]

3. Cost effective analysis

4. Equal distribution of resources

5. Government budgeting

6. Helps to measure development

7. Leadership and management [Read]

8. Resource provision

9. Determination of correct procedures

10. Politics dichotomy

11. Infrastructure development

12.  Social development [Read]

13. Public security

14. Local city council

15. Creation of marketing plan 

16. Enhances ethics in public sector

17. Public sector efficiency [Read]

18. Acts as a Communication channel between politicians and people

19. Urban planning

20. Government forecasting

21. Public policy making

22. Economic growth

23.  Promoting public- private partnerships

24. Introduces new public management in public sector [Read]

25.  Maintaining legal frameworks

26. Allocation of public revenues 

27. Creating development programs [Read]

28. Delivery of common objective

29. Taking development to rural areas

30. Maintaining government good governance [Read]